Subject:  History of Nelson Ledges Road Course


Overall Goal:      To create a website including stories, articles, photos, and other submittals.


My intention is to collect submittals from those who know the stories behind the history of the track.  It is not my intention to write the history.  Anyone desiring to make a submittal needs to write it themselves.  I will review it and possibly make suggestions for revisions, but the objective is to leave the wording as submitted.  My own writings will include my stories and short sections tying other submittals together.


Photos will be accepted with written submittals and separately.  Photos need to include comments as to what they depict, when they were taken (if possible), and who took them.


ALL submittals will be credited to whoever made the submittal.  I reserve the right to refuse any submittal.  Anyone submitting a rejected submittal will be notified with the reason for the rejection so that they may revise their submittal.  There will be no ‘name withheld’ submittals accepted without a very good reason.


After a small collection of submittals have been collected a website will be created and made available to anyone for viewing.  The initial website may not include photos simply for the reason of getting the website up and running as soon as possible.  It is my hope the website will encourage additional submittals.


At some point in time selected items may be combined into a book.  I say selected items because I hope the scope of the website will be very big.  For example, it would be great to have all of Ann McHugh’s Longest Day letters included on the website but only referenced in the book with a few excerpts.  The same can be said for published articles which have appeared through the years.


I will also welcome comments and suggestions,

Reed Kryder


December, 2017