Kryderacing Series

NL History:  How the KRYDERACING Regional Championship Series Started


The Series started in 1983 and ran through 2014.  Throughout those years it was enormously successful, had participation from five different SCCA Regions, and included an annual banquet.  A review of past award winners includes many who went onto successful racing careers, both driving and in related professions.  But it never started out with those things in mind.


Kryderacing was founded in the 1976 when Reed and Sandi Kryder were first involved in racing.  In those days Nelson Ledges Road Course ended each season with an awards banquet for both car and motorcycle competitors.  As new participants in this sport Reed and Sandi were impressed with the banquet, even if they didn’t win anything.  The banquet and the annual awards were dropped after a couple of years for reasons unknown to this writer.  Kryderacing continued to grow both as a racing team and as a source for racing equipment, especially safety apparel.


During the 1982/1983 winter Sandi and Reed met with Nelson Ledges Track Manager John McGill in his kitchen to discuss their proposal for reviving season ending awards for car competitors.  Their proposal was for Kryderacing to pay for all the First Place awards in exchange for noting their donation by Kryderacing on the hardware.  Anything else, including other awards, rules, points keeping, season ending festivities, etc were to be handled by Nelson Ledges management.


John loved the idea; then he proceeded to use his excitement and charm to entice Reed and Sandi into handling EVERYTHING.  By the time they left John’s kitchen the Kryderacing Regional Championship at Nelson Ledges Road Course had been born.  Reed and Sandi started writing the rules, contacting Regions, doing the promotions, keeping points, and buying trophies with the Kryderacing name of them for not only class Champions, but also Second and Third Place finishers.  Banquets soon followed.


Reed Kryder (12/26/17)